WeatherCloud reports Ground Truth: hyper-local, real-time road weather conditions.

Weather Intelligence

Imagine having access to hyper-local, real-time road conditions. This is WeatherCloud’s expertise. At full national deployment, WeatherCloud will produce actionable weather data and forecasts for virtually all four million miles of roads in the United States.

The Technology

The low-profile WeatherCloud Ground Truth sensor array measures over 40 different road weather characteristics every few seconds from each vehicle in your fleet. Data is sent to the on-board SmartHub via Bluetooth Low Energy. In the cloud, sophisticated algorithms combine and interpret the data into into the information you need most.

Gaining traction

WeatherCloud has not only hit the streets, we’ve hit the news. From Colorado Public Radio to the Boulder County Business Report, people are taking notice!

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Partners & Resellers

WeatherCloud Sensors:

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable full fleet coverage
  • Hyper-local road weather information
  • Real-time data
  • Custom alerts
  • Quick-Glance Notifications Panel
  • Comprehensive data visualizations
  • WeatherCloud Sensors

    WeatherCloud's unobtrusive sensors report on nearly 30 road weather conditions, including precipitation rate and type, ambient lighting conditions, and road conditions such as wet, icy or snow-packed.

  • Data Dashboards

    WeatherCloud's Smart Hub transfers the data to the cloud where it is paired with data visualizations, including real-time and historical charts, real-time maps, and more.

  • WeatherCloud Solutions

    Better road weather data leads to safer conditions and more efficient maintenance, benefiting drivers, fleets, insurance providers, and more.

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