Real-Time, Actionable Weather Intelligence

The next big weather event is lurking around the corner. And while its arrival may be definite, the results are not. Risk is greatly reduced through innovative, real-time ground weather intelligence.

While satellite weather covers a large area, it doesn’t always match what is actually taking place on the road, where conditions can result in costly accidents. This results in a serious knowledge gap.

WeatherCloud closes this gap. We offer full coverage road weather data through a sophisticated forecast model and complementary sensor technology.

Road Weather Solutions

WeatherCloud's Ground Truth forecasts and sensor solutions give valuable insights into the conditions on the roads themselves, not the atmosphere above. Learn how the the WeatherCloud Solution can benefit industries from transportation to insurance.

The Technology

WeatherCloud’s Ground Truth® real-time conditions and forecasts predict the conditions on the roads by combining observational data from sensors, trusted weather models and machine learning algorithms. The weather information you need the most is at your fingertips through mobile apps, web dashboards and alerts.

Read About It

Not only has WeatherCloud hit the streets, but also we’ve hit the news. From Forbes to the Colorado Public Radio, the benefits of this innovative technology are capturing attention.

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