Behold the cuatro amigos! The WeatherCloud team is smart, dedicated and passionate. (Not to mention sleep deprived.) We work together in a small office decorated with smoldering soldering irons, used coffee cups, and broken chairs. Left to right: Rich, John, Duer, Jeff

Duer Reeves

Founder and CEO
  • Big data/analytics expert
  • 21-year Sun Microsystems executive
  • Drives 2013 Audi A7

Rich Powers

Chief Technology Officer
  • Sensor fusion and control systems expert
  • Holds 14 patents
  • Drives 2005 Chevy Silverado

John Mickey

Director of Hardware Engineering
  • Software programmer and meteorological sensor expert
  • Recipient of Walter O. Roberts Scientific and Technical Advancement Award
  • Drives 2000 VW GTI