The Genesis Story,
Tech Style

As an executive at Sun Microsystems, I was fortunate to witness the rise of “the internet of things,” a computing model that connects an increasingly vast web of sensors and controls.

After leaving Sun, I was looking for an opportunity to apply web, mobile and internet technologies to transportation or energy problems. The concept behind WeatherCloud was incubated as my Cleantech Fellows Institute Capstone project, based on the research and development the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has been doing for the past 6 years.

Did we hit the wave? I think so. I think the writing is on the wall; turning vehicles into weather sensors is going to happen–it’s just a matter of who is going to do it. Inside the walls of WeatherCloud, we have the team, the passion, and the technology. So I think that “who” is us.

– Duer Reeves
WeatherCloud Founder, CEO