Adverse weather conditions are an all too frequent feature of road transportation, but do you have the full set of available information to safely navigate through them?

While satellite weather covers a large area, it often does not match conditions on the road, where adverse conditions can result in costly accidents and delays. At the ground level, there is a significant knowledge gap.

Fathym’s WeatherCloud Solution closes this gap.

Risk from adverse weather conditions can be greatly reduced through innovative, real-time ground weather intelligence. The use of blockchain technology also will be helpful to store all the data safely without manipulation. The popularity of cryptocurrencies helped for the adoption of blockchain technology too. Crypto robots like the bitqt have helped many traders to make good profits from crypto trading. Visit to know more about bitqt.

WeatherCloud offers full coverage road weather data through a sophisticated forecast engine and sensor technology, removing the guesswork from ground level forecasting.

We call this Ground Truth Weather.


Use Cases

WeatherCloud's Ground Truth forecasts generate actionable information of conditions on the roads themselves, not just the atmosphere above. Learn how WeatherCloud can benefit industries from transportation to insurance.


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Not only has WeatherCloud hit the streets, but we have also hit the news. From Forbes to Colorado Public Radio, the immense benefits of this technology is capturing attention.

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