WeatherCloud is focused on delivering solutions that yield data from the ground level – where other forecasting technology doesn’t venture. Ground Truth data delivers accurate, hyper-local road weather forecasts in real-time.

Fleets driving into poor weather conditions can be quickly rerouted. Roads can be plowed or de-iced as required to help prevent potentially devastating outcomes and cities and commuters can make better decisions based on accurate, timely information.


Enable drivers to proactively avoid accidents


Report adverse weather conditions faster and in real time


Give cities and companies the ground-level weather intelligence they need to make decisions


Provide insurance companies and scientists greater insights into and understanding of the impacts of weather

Use Cases

Fathym’s WeatherCloud Solution can be deployed in a wide array of Use Cases.

Transportation + Maintenance


Each year, inclement weather causes 7,400 deaths, 700,000 injuries and 1.5 million crashes. Meanwhile, state and local agencies spend more than $2.3 billion on snow and ice control operations.

Better road weather data can make maintenance more efficient, preventing accidents and saving lives, while cutting costs.

WeatherCloud measures and forecasts weather and pavement conditions at a hyper-local level. During inclement weather events, this information enables Departments of Transportation and other maintenance operators to deploy assets where they’re needed most, be more efficient in the spread of materials, and create granular postmortem event analyses.

Smart Cities

Urban Flooding

2017 was an historic year of weather and climate disasters in the United States, with 16 events with losses exceeding $1 billion each and a cumulative cost of more than $300 billion.

Advance knowledge of how weather will impact a city’s mission-critical services can save a city millions in reduced overtime hours and better asset management. WeatherCloud significantly enhances a city operator’s ability to accurately predict and manage a city’s response to adverse weather.

Additionally, access to ground weather data can enable better city planning, avoiding costly building damage from floods, blizzards and more.

Fleet Management


Trucking companies lose an estimated $9 billion annually due to weather-related road delays.

Access to real-time road weather data enables fleets to avoid delays, accidents, and damage.

WeatherCloud provides hyper-local forecasts of weather conditions on the ground, along with weather-impacted routes and risk variables, to dispatchers and drivers – the information needed to keep transportation assets rolling along safely and efficiently. Meanwhile, ‘Truck Ahead’ alerting facilitates the communication of encountered hazards to other drivers.

In addition, the collected datasets can be sold to multiple end markets, including consumer, insurance and OEM.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self Driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles are an expanding market, but consumers remain wary.

WeatherCloud Ground Truth forecasts and sensors provide the ability for autonomous vehicles to make better road weather-related decisions, as well as the forensics to understand accidents caused by weather.

WeatherCloud quantifies the conditions a car is experiencing and can provide programmatically-generated micro-forecasts of the weather conditions immediately in front of it. This enables autonomous vehicles to adjust their behavior to ensure the safe delivery of occupants to their destination.

Real-time weather and tire friction data helps tune the WeatherCloud forecast engine that sends predictive pavement condition information back to the vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU) to dynamically enhance the car’s Electronic Stability System (ESS), and further optimize suspension, hard braking and torque management in adverse weather conditions.

Navigation Tools


Traffic information is at drivers' fingertips, but accurate, hyper-local road weather information is lacking.

WeatherCloud can provide drivers and commuters with accurate, real-time road weather conditions and forecasts.

WeatherCloud gives drivers improved informational awareness for weather-enhanced routing options, including more accurate ETAs, estimated effects on fuel burn, and risk analysis of various route options. From information on where snowplows have cleared roads to the location of black ice, WeatherCloud can get valuable information in front of drivers when they need it.



Inclement weather leads to $42 billion in economic loss in the U.S. annually.

Real-time road weather data can help drivers avoid costly accidents, while access to historic road weather data and analysis provides better accident forensics for insurance companies.

WeatherCloud data can cut claims costs by providing transportation managers and individual drivers with the information they need to travel more safely. In addition, WeatherCloud data can inform risk models to improve underwriting.