The roads are packed with cars – about 255 million, to be exact. Driving through traffic is enough of a challenge, but when you throw weather into the equation, all bets are off.

A large rainstorm may result in flooding. An unexpected snowstorm could leave cars stranded. A bout of freezing rain could paralyze entire trucking fleets or, even worse, result in injuries.

Weather is unforgiving and often unpredictable. The right tools, however, make it more predictable. But you need access to data, and not just any data – the right data.

Meet the Weather Ninjas

We study weather for fun. Our team comprises meteorologists, data scientists, and weather geeks who think, talk and even dream about weather constantly – even on their days off. Think we’re joking? We aren’t. We’re passionate about weather, but it’s about something more.

Pull back the curtain at WeatherCloud, and you will find that our team understands something very important. We know that empowering people through real-time data creates serious impacts.

Entire fleets driving into poor weather conditions can be rerouted faster. Roads can be plowed sooner, helping prevent potentially devastating outcomes. And people can make better decisions based on more accurate, timely information. Our team can assist with:

  • Proactively avoiding accidents
  • Reporting potential weather effects faster and in real time
  • Giving companies the intelligence they need most to reroute drivers
  • Providing insurance companies and scientists with greater insights into and understanding of the impacts of weather

Hyper-local, real-time road weather conditions are generated through the evaluation of over 40 different characteristics, examined every few seconds. Weather data simply doesn’t get more accurate.

Do you want to learn more? If so, please contact us at 303-747-4402 to learn more about WeatherCloud’s Solutions or to set up a technology demo today.