Hundreds of weather events take place each year. Some are mild, while others have widespread effects, sweeping through cities and causing millions of dollars in property damage and countless injuries.

Weather forecasts can predict these events, but they fall short in delivering critical data in real time. It’s the data that lets you know whether an entire fleet needs to be rerouted around dangerous weather or can continue on their original route. WeatherCloud is focused on delivering solutions that yield data from the ground level – where most technology doesn’t venture. This Ground Truth® data reports accurate, hyper-local road weather conditions in real-time.


Hyper-Localized – at the Ground Level

WeatherCloud provides “Ground Truth®” at a great price point. Tap into current hyper-local data, which will help to prevent accidents, improve maintenance, and save money. We offer a range of benefits like role-based dashboards, “single pane of glass” view for managers, and even web-based consumer applications. We help you stay connected with greater accuracy. Check out our solutions below and find the one that’s right for you today.


Road Maintenance and Safety

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Each year, inclement weather causes 7,400 deaths, 700,000 injuries and 1.5 million crashes. Meanwhile, state and local agencies spend more than $2.3 billion on snow and ice control operations annually.

Better road weather data can make maintenance more efficient, saving lives, preventing accidents, and cutting costs.

WeatherCloud measures and forecasts weather and pavement conditions at the hyper-local level. During inclement weather events, this information enables Departments of Transportation and other maintenance operators to deploy assets where they’re needed most, be more efficient in the spread of materials, and create granular postmortem event analyses.

Fleet Management

Trucking companies lose an estimated $2.2-3.5 billion annually due to weather-related road delays.

Access to road weather data allows fleets to avoid delays, accidents, and damage.

WeatherCloud provides descriptions of weather conditions on the ground and hyper-local forecasts to dispatchers and drivers –- the information needed to optimize routing and keep transportation assets rolling along safely and efficiently.


Inclement weather leads to $42 billion in economic loss in the U.S. annually.

Real-time road weather data lets drivers avoid costly accidents, while access to historic road weather data and analysis provides better accident forensics for insurance companies.

WeatherCloud data can cut claims costs by providing transportation managers and individual drivers the information they need to travel more safely. In addition, WeatherCloud data can inform risk models to improve underwriting.


Road Weather Intelligence Stations currently provide access to minimal road weather data, but these are expensive to install and therefore difficult to proliferate.

WeatherCloud sensors are an affordable solution for better road weather data coverage.

WeatherCloud produces precise, granular data that can be used in the analysis of extreme weather events, anthropological and evolutionary adaptation to weather, and the study of changing weather patterns around the globe

Value-Added Forecasting

Weather can vary from block to block, yet local forecasting is not that precise.

Access to better road weather data can dramatically improve the precision of local forecasting and get alerts to the parties that benefit most.

WeatherCloud data is precise and ubiquitous, which means that local reporting no longer requires interpolation, but can now be derived from direct measurements. As a result, WeatherCloud enables a new, more precise local forecasting capability–reports and forecasts at the street level.


Week of Valor
In 2014, there were 8 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States.

Access to road weather data can provide better city planning, avoiding costly building damage from floods, blizzards, and more.

WeatherCloud data is accurate and precise, giving engineers the intelligence they need to ensure that structures can withstand the particular weather elements to which they will be exposed.

Self-Driving Cars

Google-Self Driving Cars
Self-driving cars are an expanding market, but consumers remain wary.

WeatherCloud sensors provide the ability for self-driving cars to make better road weather-related decisions, as well as the forensics to understand accidents caused by weather.

The WeatherCloud solution quantifies the conditions a car is experiencing and can provide programmatically-generated micro-forecasts of the weather conditions immediately in front of it. This enables self-driving cars to adjust their behavior to ensure the safe delivery of its occupants to their destination.

Consumer Apps

Traffic information is at drivers’ fingertips, but accurate, hyper-local road weather conditions are lacking.

WeatherCloud can give drivers and commuters accurate, real-time road weather conditions.

From information on where snowplows have cleared roads to the location of black ice, WeatherCloud can get valuable information in front of drivers when they need it.

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