Big Data Drives Hardware Costs Down

At one time, personal computers did almost all processing on board. Now, because much of the that work can be done in the cloud, personal computers can be simpler and more lightweight.

As we were designing our on-board WeatherCloud sensor array, we extracted some learnings from the trajectory of personal computer development. Unlike our competitors who utilize expensive, scientific-grade equipment, we chose to build low-cost sensors using off-the-shelf components (Although we did design our own circuit boards). So how can our forecasts be better than our competitors’ even though their individual measurements are more accurate? Big data.

We collect more data points than any other solution–orders of magnitude more. Forecast accuracy is generated by proprietary WeatherCloud algorithms that process, cross-check, and verify measurements across these vast data sets. The result is clean data–and highly accurate predictive capabilities.

Low hardware costs equal low per-unit installation costs. This creates unique advantages. First, we can deploy more broadly. Second, we can iterate more quickly to take advantage of advancements in technology. Third, we can react more quickly to changing market conditions. And fourth, we can keep hardware maintenance costs to a minimum.

– Rich Powers