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The Genesis Story,
Tech Style

As an executive at Sun Microsystems, I was fortunate to witness the rise of “the internet of things,” a computing model that connects an increasingly vast [...]

Fathym Solution At Work in Alaska

Our IoT Solutions At Work Doug Black wrote a wonderful article for Enterprise Tech about one of Fathym's real-world IoT solutions. Alaska’s Department of [...]

Video Blog: Sheldon Drobot on the Connected Car

Sheldon’s passion lies at the intersection of technology and human behavior. In this Ted talk, Sheldon describes the work NCAR has been doing in the [...]

What is GroundTruth?

The team was sitting at WeatherCloud Global HQ a week or two ago, riffing on how to summarize what the WeatherCloud service is all about for our first [...]

Big Data Drives Hardware Costs Down

At one time, personal computers did almost all processing on board. Now, because much of the that work can be done in the cloud, personal computers can be [...]