What is GroundTruth?

The team was sitting at WeatherCloud Global HQ a week or two ago, riffing on how to summarize what the WeatherCloud service is all about for our first video.

WeatherCloud generates data that describes weather and road conditions at street level. We understand that segment of weather better than anyone else. So we were looking for a sound bite to capture that. Here’s what we came up with: “We create a conditionally description of the world.”

That’s all well and good, especially if you like a lot of syllables and don’t mind asking your readers to pull the sentence apart to unpack its meaning. The engineers liked it. But I’m a marketing guy. I want things to be simple and easy to understand; more to the point.

I find that I can give my brain an assignment and it works to solve it in my subconscious as I’m sleeping or drinking microbrews or fishing. Lo and behold, a day later, as we were revisiting the subject, I blurted, “GroundTruth.” Simple and to the point. Everybody liked it (even the engineers) and, surprisingly, it wasn’t trademarked, so we grabbed it.

WeatherCloud produces GroundTruth. GroundTruth is what’s happening now and what is about to happen at ground level, which is very useful information. After all, isn’t that where we live most of our lives?

– Jeffery Martin
WeatherCloud CMO
Mircrobrew Taste Tester
Trout Whisperer